Why do Give Back Day?

The purpose of Give Back Day is to inspire the people of your church to put their faith into action and to “give back” to those in need.

Continue to help FAMILIES in your church put their faith into action and "give back" to those in need

Give Back Day brings to light the needs of families living in poverty all around the world. Through this 90-minute, cross-cultural experience, you’ll provide members of your church with opportunities for awareness, compassion and action.

Grow your CHURCH’s generosity and compassion for those living in poverty

Give Back Day is an opportunity for your church to experience God’s perspective of “enough.” During the event, participants will be challenged to put their faith into action through one or more local and global missions opportunities, including child sponsorship.

Ready to help families put their faith into action?

Benefits of participating in Give Back Day

Give Back Day exposes children to a world beyond their own. It opens the hearts of teens and young adults to the possibility of international missions. Parents leave with tools for further engaging their children in meaningful conversations. Families, having experienced this event together, have a greater understanding of global poverty. Church leaders say Give Back Day helps participants grow in their faith and gives them a practical way to put biblical principles into action.

How to host Give Back Day at your church

Give Back Day is a hands-on learning experience that will further open your church members’ eyes — and hearts — to the needs of the developing world. YOU can bring this event to YOUR church! You’ll receive a Leader’s Guide and other resources — everything you’ll need to host your event.

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