What is Give Back Day?

Learn about the three cross-cultural activities: Comparison Tables, Marketplace, and Soccer Ball.

"Visit" Uganda with your church family and experience God's heart of compassion for His world

Give Back Day is a biblically based, 90-minute adventure (held on-site at your church), that allows families to see the world from a different perspective. Through the use of videos, Scripture and fun hands-on activities, you’ll experience poverty “firsthand” without leaving home! But more important, you and your family will grasp God’s heart of compassion for His world — and will have an opportunity to “give back” generously to those in need.

You’ll meet …

Pastor Tom and his family in Uganda

You’ll start the day by meeting Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy and their 12 children via video. You’ll learn about their village in Uganda and what it’s like to live there. As you get to know Pastor Tom and his family, you’ll think about what life might be like if you had to spend your days just trying to survive.

Ready to help families put their faith into action?

Activity #1

Comparison Tables

During this first activity, you’ll get to experience the difference between having many choices, like we have here in the U.S., compared to having very few choices, like families living in poverty in Uganda. At the Comparison Tables, you’ll compare everyday items used for breakfast, cooking, school, hygiene and cleaning.

Activity #2


The Marketplace activity provides an opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in poverty. Each participant receives a “character card” (if you’re an adult, this will include your job and your daily wage). Then you’ll head to the market to purchase food, medicine, school supplies and other items your family needs and wants. You won’t be able to afford everything on your meager wages, so you’ll need to make some difficult decisions.

Activity #3

Soccer Ball

In Uganda, store-bought toys are almost unheard of for families living in poverty. And when they are available, most families cannot afford them. Children make “toys” out of nontraditional materials like scraps of plastic, wood, banana leaves and string. During the Soccer Ball activity, you’ll do what children in poverty do — make your own soccer ball!

Ready to make a difference through your church?

And then — invite participants to "give back" by sponsoring a child

As a church leader, you want the members of your church to love the things that Jesus loves. To care for the things that He cares for. Getting involved in serving the poor does both of these things. Jesus clearly loved the poor and specifically asked us to care for them. When we do that, our hearts are changed too. We grow when we give.

By helping raise awareness of global needs, you’ll connect your church members to the developing world. By empowering families to impact children for Christ through activities like child sponsorship, you’ll demonstrate Christ’s compassion.

BONUS: Free Family Toolkit

To help reinforce the faith lessons experienced during Give Back Day, each family will receive a FREE Family Toolkit. This family devotional resource contains four lessons that provide parents with ideas to engage their children in meaningful discussions. These activities, Scripture references and cross-cultural ministry tools will empower parents to broaden their children’s global perspective, and challenge them to put their faith into action.

Host Give Back Day at your church

Give Back Day is a hands-on learning experience that will further open your church members’ eyes — and hearts — to the needs of the developing world. YOU can bring this event to YOUR church! You’ll receive a Leader’s Guide and other resources — everything you’ll need to host your event.

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We really want Christians to grow up knowing about the rest of the world, and Jesus’ heart for the rest of the world. Senior Pastor Mark TindallBlue Route Vineyard Community Church
Media, PA
When I received the Leader’s Guide and saw all the amazing resources, I thought, Wow, this is too good to miss out on. Amy Lynn KelleyHOPE Missions Pastor
NewHope Church
Durham, NC
To go through this with our kids was a really meaningful experience. Seeing and experiencing it together made it hit home. Christine EricksonParent