Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a national Give Back Day? If so, what is the date?
No. You can host this event on any day.
How many volunteers do I need for the event?
During the actual event, we recommend a minimum of 8 volunteers for every 10 families. Additional volunteers may be needed for planning, setup, etc. (See Volunteer Roles on page 5 of the Leader’s Guide for more details.)
How do I access the videos and other resources I need for my event?
After you register your event, you will have access to all online resources (promotional materials, videos, maps, etc.). Additionally, you’ll have access to event support.
Why do I have to register my event?
By registering, you’ll provide the information we need (shipping address, number of participants, etc.) so we can send you the appropriate number of child sponsorship packets, FREE Family Toolkits and other resources you’ll need for your event.
Do I have to include Compassion’s child sponsorship in my event?
Your church determines the recipients of your Give Back Day efforts. We encourage you to consider both local and global beneficiaries, including Compassion’s child sponsorship program. Research shows that child sponsorship is one of the most effective tools that parents can use to disciple their children in being generous towards others.
I don’t know enough about Compassion’s child sponsorship program. How do I ask participants to sponsor a child?
The video for this part of your event presents child sponsorship and invites participants to sponsor a child. All you have to do is play the video, follow the script (which is included as part of the Marketplace activity in the Leader’s Guide), make the child sponsorship packets available, assist as needed when new sponsors fill out sign-up forms, collect completed sign-up forms and send them to Compassion using the prepaid FedEx envelope we’ll provide.
How many child packets will you send for my event?
One for every participating family. You may request more if needed by calling 866-607-5162 to speak with a member of the Church Engagement Team.
What do we do with the completed sponsorship sign-up forms?
Send them back to Compassion in the FedEx envelope enclosed with the event supplies, using the prepaid return mailing label.
What do we do with the leftover Family Toolkits and child packets?
If you’ve distributed a Family Toolkit to each family and have some leftover, feel free to discard them, along with any unused child packets. We ask that you don’t return them to Compassion. A few days after your event, the children who were not sponsored at your event will be available for sponsorship at other Compassion events.
We ran out of Family Toolkits. How can I get more quickly?
You can request more by calling 866-607-5162 and speaking with a member of the Church Engagement Team.