A one-of-a-kind experience that helps members of your church to further develop a heart of compassion and grow as followers of Christ.

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Give Back Day is a 90-minute, hands-on learning experience that’s fun for the whole family. Participants set out on a cross-cultural adventure as they “travel” to Uganda. There, they’ll meet Pastor Tom and his family, and experience what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes.

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Give Back Day immerses families in a cross-cultural adventure as they experience “a day in the life” of a family in the developing world.

Through a variety of activities designed to raise awareness of the needs of people living in poverty, your church members will become more sensitive to what is important to God. Our prayer is that, fueled by a relationship with Christ and a desire to imitate Him, they will respond with compassion and “give back” to help those in need.

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What is Give Back Day?

Give Back Day is a biblically based, hands-on, family learning experience. Your journey begins with a video introduction to Pastor Tom and his family in Uganda. From there, you’ll discover daily life in their village through three cross-cultural activities: Comparison Tables, Marketplace and Soccer Ball. Each activity includes Scripture and a discussion time so faith lessons can really sink in.

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How to host Give Back Day at your church

Give Back Day is a hands-on learning experience that will further open your church members’ eyes — and hearts — to the needs of the developing world. YOU can bring this event to YOUR church! You’ll receive a Leader’s Guide and other resources — everything you’ll need to host your event.

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Give Back Day was a wonderful opportunity for our folks to actually consider what it must be like to go without. Pastor Benji KelleyNewHope Church
Durham, NC
We wanted something that would engage the whole family and to help kids have a real sense of how they can contribute to releasing children from poverty. Debbie FooskasPastor of Children’s Ministry
Blue Route Vineyard
Community Church
Media, PA
When we went to the market, the children were forced to make some really tough decisions. They had to decide between food and other things to survive. A ParentBlue Route Vineyard
Community Church
Media, PA